Hitoshi Miyata

Hitoshi received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Christianity at Saniku Gakuin College in Japan.  He completed Master of Arts degrees in Religion and Community Counseling at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.  He pursued his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counseling Psychology at Andrews while counseling at Andrews University Community Counseling Center, Family Learning Center in IN, and Central Washington University Student Counseling Center in WA.   

Hitoshi worked as a counselor for over 30 years in the U.S. and Japan and taught counseling, psychology, and interpersonal relationship at colleges for more than 25 years.  He wrote articles on various topics in college bulletins and journals and gave over 100 lectures to teachers and public audiences in U.S. and Japan. 

Research on people with schizophrenia changed Hitoshi’s understanding of the human mind and behaviors.  He discovered that their symptoms, even hallucinations, and delusions, convey important messages no matter how they seem bizarre, inappropriate, or unacceptable.  He believes that the psychological symptoms, especially emotions and feelings, are valuable and worth respecting.  He counsels teenagers, adults, couples, and families with this basic philosophy while utilizing different counseling and communication theories and concepts.  He assists clients in connecting to their emotions and feelings to understand their purposes, meanings, and roles.  As a result, the clients know themselves on deeper levels, respect themselves, and learn how to care for themselves rather than fixing and controlling themselves.  The clients who experience this process can trust themselves and develop new self-esteem and self-confidence, and relate with others appropriately with respect.  They learn how to build, maintain, and rebuild “Trust” with themselves and others. 

Hitoshi enjoys connecting to Nature to receive calmness and peace and search for Wisdom.  He utilizes his discoveries and findings in his counseling to assist clients in processing a new way of life and living.

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